Listening To The Wife

When I signed up for the PA 1000k, which began without me this morning, I knew I’d have only 11 days to recover after Quadzilla.  It turns out that it took about a week to recover and I probably would have been OK with the 1000k, but my wife Jill suggested that maybe we could take a trip to the Berkshires instead.  Seeing as we haven’t had a real vacation in a while, it was hard to argue.  It’s even good for me to slow down a little.  After all, I do average about 7,000 miles a year on the bike.  So the bike is making the trip, but it’s not going to be the star of the show.

Last week I worked out for only 7 hours and 45 minutes, the least I had done in more than a month.  On Monday this week I went on the spinner and finished a one-hour time trial at 226 watts, not far off my best of 230 watts.  As I hadn’t done an hour spinner workout in three weeks, that shows I haven’t lost much fitness.  I also felt good in a 42-mile ride with the local Cyclepaths group last night.

The big remaining goal for the year is the 100-mile Hillier Than Thou time trial on September 19th.  I’d like to get a time below 6:30, but we’ll see how serious I can get about training for that.


WEEK 7 hrs 45 minutes

GOAL 7 hrs

Just finished a badly needed rest week.  Next three weeks will be a build/intensity period for Hillier time trial.

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