Left Knee Passes The First Test

I went ahead with the PA200k yesterday.  I had some misgivings about my left knee.  It’s been bothering me the last three weeks and by bothering, I mean that on three occasions after heavy exercise it has been quite painful the following day.  I traced at least part of the problem to a seatpost that […]

The Prime Suspect


It was last Thursday afternoon, the weather was incredible and work was slowing down, finally.  My knee was sore, but what the heck.  What harm could a two-hour ride with the Cyclepaths do?  Dov was going.  So was Toly.  As long as I tried not to ride too hard, I figured I’d be OK.  With […]

The Dreaded “I” Word

I don’t like to talk or write about injuries.  They depress me, because they might mean that I have to ride my bike less.  About three months ago, after I had been lifting heavy boxes of files up and down a steep flight of stairs at work I started noticing a clicking in my left […]

Spring is here (sort of)

What a lovely weekend for riding!  Saturday, Roy Yates and I previewed the middle section of this year’s Princeton 200k.  We did a 52-mile loop out of Frenchtown, climbed the 15-20 percent grades of Adamic Hill Road, and generally enjoyed morning sunshine and temperatures quickly rising from the low 30s through the 40s into the […]

Training With A Heart Rate Monitor

Shane and I rode Sunday. The temperature got near 40 and we went out to the lake at Jamesburg, which was still iced over and also to Cranbury. It was about 36 miles for me. I was using the 1983 Fuji with fenders. No power meter. I wore my Polar […]