Listening To The Wife

When I signed up for the PA 1000k, which began without me this morning, I knew I’d have only 11 days to recover after Quadzilla.  It turns out that it took about a week to recover and I probably would have been OK with the 1000k, but my wife Jill suggested that maybe we could […]

Quadzilla 2010: A Race Against Time (And Myself)

Me on Cayuga Heights Road, overlooking Ithaca, NY, near the very end of Quadzilla.

As my long-awaited event, the hilly, 400-mile Quadzilla, unfolded this past weekend, my body performed as requested, but my mind did not always follow. This is a bit ironic, because going into the ride I was questioning my physical state more than […]

The Final Week: Time To Fret

It’s now August 8th, six days before Quadzilla, the 400-mile, 28,000 feet of climbing event in Ithaca, N.Y. for which I have been training for months.  My power numbers are showing that I have improved significantly, by some measures by more than 10 percent.  Overall, my numbers are comparable in many ways to those the […]

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

New York Route 97, along the Delaware River near the Hawks Nest overlook during the PA Hawks Nest 200k brevet, originally uploaded by Shane Beake.

This week began as a rest week. I was supposed to go easy during the week, except for a one-hour test on the spinner Thursday […]