Just after finishing a very wet Fleche

Just after finishing a very wet Fleche, originally uploaded by Shane Beake.

This is what five middle-aged men look like when they have ridden together for 254 miles through New Jersey and Pennsylvania over a 24-hour period in which it rained the last […]

Saving Time On A 300k

I am very fond of setting goals.  Not only do I set a major goal at the beginning of each year (this year’s goal is to finish Quadzilla within the qualifying time on August 14th), but I often have specific goals for individual rides.  For example, before Saturday’s PA 300k, I decided to practice my […]

The Secret Of Getting Stronger

Last week was the final week of the first four-week cycle of my “base” period.  This is moderate-paced endurance training that lasts 12 weeks, consisting of three four-week cycles.  The last week of each four-week cycle is a rest week.  This means that instead of exercising about 10-15 hours each week, I cut it down […]

After Some Big Miles, A Much Needed Rest

Today I completed the third week of my 12-week base period.  I pattern my training schedule loosely around Joe Friel’s Cyclist’s Training Bible.  He recommends that every fourth week be a rest week, where volume is cut nearly in half.  Each of the preceding three weeks sees an increased training load.  In the base period, […]