A Chance To Gauge (Lost) Fitness

This four-day Thanksgiving weekend I’ve had to work some but still managed to ride as well.  Yesterday I rode 55 miles through 25-mph sustained winds with 35 mph gusts with friends Neil and Mark.  In the process, I had a chance to measure how far my fitness has fallen.

My power meter software from TrainingPeaks focuses […]

Riding Just For Fun

Today I rode 68 miles.  I rode 11 miles to the start of a 45-mile ride on mostly flat terrain, then 11 miles back home.  I did the ride with the Princeton Freewheelers with 10 riders in all, including my friend, Jim.

Here is Jim in front of the convenience store where we stopped for lunch

Jim […]

Sleep: The neglected training tool

Just woke up after sleeping 9 straight hours.  Yesterday afternoon my trial was unexpectedly adjourned and, feeling exhausted from a series of late nights followed by early mornings, went home early.  Of the approximately 12 full-time employees where I work, four of them have had cold/flu symptoms and missed work the last two weeks.  Nobody […]

Out with the Hammerheads again

Well, sometimes I just feel like trying to hammer a bit.  The 1:15 p.m. Sunday Princeton Freewheelers ride usually includes a few racing typss who push the pace.  I really had not been very motivated to do much intense riding for the past six weeks but I thought I’d take a shot today.  Temperatures in […]

Nobody to play with again

Here I am going to the YMCA again on a Saturday.  This is my fourth visit to the Y this week.

There is rain in the area again, the rides have been canceled.  That means no group ride.  And it means another brutal hour on the spinner.  Do I look happy?

You can see I’m wearing my […]

“That Damned Bike”

Around my house, there is a machine so fearsome, the very sight of it can inspire anger and resentment in my wife Jill and 21-year-old son Henry.  It is not referred to as the “bicycle” or the “bike.”  It is “That Damned Bike.”  The mere appearance of the bicycle carrying case can prompt comments about […]

The Off-Season Schmooze

Today I rode about 17 miles with the Cyclepaths.  Most of the group was doing a 40-50 mile, but I had to leave for choir practice so I cut out after only about 8 miles.  Yesterday I rode 68 miles with Mark and Neil.  We started in Cranbury and headed into the Pine Barrens.

This is […]

Going Cross Country Summer 1977

From late June through late August 1977, I travelled across the country on my 1972 Atala Gran Prix with seven other people as part of an American Youth Hostel tour out of New York City.  We started before dawn one morning from AYH’s headquarters on Spring Street in Manhattan.  We actually did part of the […]

My Breakfast Routine

Many years ago (probably about 15 or so), I started eating plain, non-fat yogurt for breakfast.  Pretty soon I found it not interesting enough in texture, so I added wheat germ and bananas.  I wanted it sweeter so I then added honey.  I have been having this for breakfast 5-6 days a week ever since […]

Salvation From The iPod

Rando Soundtrack of the day:

“The river flows/It flows to the sea/Wherever that river goes/That’s where I want to be/Flow river flow/Let your waters wash down/And take me from this road/To some other town.”

“The Ballad of Easy Rider,” Bob Dylan (as performed by the Byrds on the movie soundtrack)

Rode for 40 minutes on the trainer in […]