Major satisfaction with minor achievements

I like to have one major goal for each riding reason, such as Quadzilla this year and the Endless Mountains 1240k in 2009.  But there are always numerous smaller goals in the back of my mind, personal bests that I think I could better.  I reached a couple of those milestones the past week or […]

Hillier Than Thou 2010: I’m Too Old For This

The vicious 25 percent section of Fiddlers Elbow Road, originally uploaded by Shane Beake.

This year on Hillier Than Thou, just before the right turn onto Iron Bridge Road at about mile 80, there was a wonderfully seductive word painted on the road in large letters:


For a split second, I thought […]

The PA Hawk Mountain 200k: Hanging With A Good Group

The start of the Hawk Mtn climb, you end up crossing over the (Georgia to Maine) Appalachian Trial, originally uploaded by Shane Beake.

The last couple of weeks before a target event are always tricky. On the one hand, you can’t do much in those two weeks to improve your […]

Making The Most Of Fitness While It Lasts

In the four-season climate of New Jersey, it is natural for outdoor athletes to have peaks and valleys of fitness.  After all, riding on a 25-degree January morning is entirely different than riding on a 75-degree July morning.  I find my fitness on the bike goes through predictable phases.  I usually reach my fitness peak […]

The Joy Of Riding Solo

More often than not, I ride with other people.  I like the company.  I feel safer on the roads.  Sometimes I like to be pushed by strong companions.  But once in a while, I like riding alone.

This past weekend, instead of doing the PA 1000k, I went on a five-day trip with my wife Jill […]