I Just Like To Be Outside

I rode for 42 miles with my friends Neil and Cameron yesterday (Sat.) and another 33 miles alone this afternoon.  Both days the temperature reached the low 40s and the roads were wet but passable, with the snows of the past two weeks finally melting.  For the past couple of months, I have been fighting […]

Outside On The Bike Again

For the past 15 days, I have visited the gym 12 times.  I hadn’t been outside on a bike since January 31st.  Finally, the temperatures broke 40 this afternoon and I was able to get some time off from work.  So I went out for 15 miles on the 1983 Fuji.  It was great.  That’s […]

My Typical One-Hour Indoor Ride

Haven’t been on a bike outside in two weeks, due to snow, cold and work.  However, I have during that time worked out 10 times in the gym, running, lifting and spinning.  I also spent three hours shoveling snow, which I find is a good whole body workout and form of cross training.

I can usually […]

The Not So Great Indoors

Last week I spent six of the seven days indoors at the gym.  I missed Saturday because I was snowed in.  As I usually max out at about an hour indoors, that makes it hard to get my goal of seven hours of exercise in a week.  Last week I got five and a half.  […]

The End Of The Eating Season

The scale is a scary place right now.  I tipped it at 175 this morning, the highest in about a year.  Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday and it traditionally marks the end of what I call “The Eating Season.”  It begins for me on Halloween and lasts all November, December and January.  It is […]