The Rando Man (Tentatively) Rides Again

Some say you couldn’t remember your user name and password.  Others say you noticed your fan base was mainly spammers.  Were you lazy, gutless or just clueless?  You weren’t saying.  We do know you were warned by the blog’s admin: You’ve been gone for more than a year and had better post something quick, or […]

The Rando Man Goes To Hell

The Rando Man sat in a large room on a comfortable sofa. An electric organ chimed in the background. He couldn’t quite make out the tune. A voice from the intercom intoned: “Mr. Rando Man. Mr. Rando Man. The devil will see you in two minutes.”

What brought him here, […]

Rando Man Looks at 50

His ride began with four wheels under a stroller, progressed to three wheels, then to two (with two training wheels). Shortly after his 10th birthday, Rando Man learned to ride a two-wheeler without falling over. His mother was there to catch him if he fell. It was one of the happiest days […]

The Next Town Over

The Rando Man grew up in one of the big cities in New Jersey. For Christmas when he was 7 or 8, his parents bought him a red Sears one-speed bicycle with 24-inch balloon tires and a coaster brake. To stop the bike, you simply pedalled backwards.

The “Sears,” as the Rando Man and his brother […]

“The Ride After The Ride”

The Rando Man loves to ride his bike. He goes out when the temperature is well below freezing, when the winds are blustery and the rain is falling. He can ride for 20 minutes or for 20 hours. He is happy, either way. But, for him, riding his bike is really only an hors d’oeuvre […]

The Rando Man

In a galaxy called the Milky Way, on a planet called Earth, in a place called New Jersey, there is a road. The road might be a small lane in a rural hamlet, or a pock-marked backstreet through a tired city. Maybe it�s a quiet byway through farmlands and clusters of expensive commuter […]