Work Wears Me Out

I am a litigation lawyer.  There are more stressful and time-consuming jobs in the world, but my job can really drain what feels like every last ounce of energy from me.  I don’t feel like writing blogs.  I don’t feel like taking care of errands.  I don’t feel like exercising.  Due to a trial I […]

An Out of Season 200k

So I broke my usual rule of no rides of more than 70 miles during the winter.  Shane and Roy wanted to work on their R-12 medal, which means a 200k for 12 consecutive calendar months.  The Saturday forecast was in the mid-40s, about 20 degrees warmer than last week.  How bad could 125 miles […]

Every Day I Have The Blues

When I was younger, I had various bouts of depression, some pretty debilitating.  I began to regularly ride my bike and exercise in other ways about 15 years ago and have not had a serious episode since.  I don’t say that the riding was completely responsible, but I believe it had a significant impact.  One […]

Making A Plan For 2010

Time to unveil my plan for 2010.  Rule No. 1 for my training is to set a goal.  Rule No. 2 is to make a plan.  Ever since I read “The Cyclist’s Training Bible” by Joe Friel in early 2006, I have followed generally his training plans.  Every year the plan is different, incorporating what […]