Success On the Spinner

I made my goal of reaching 800 kcal for an hour on the spinner at the Y.  Late last year, when I was training for the Endless Mountains 1200k, I got as high as 736 kcal.  Eight hundred seemed like a reasonable goal.  I got to 760 in May during the base period, then steadily […]

Teetering On The Verge Of Exhaustion

Jud & Mendy taking the Bear Mountain entrance, originally uploaded by Shane Beake.

This past week was the second of three weeks during my build/intensity period. Last Thursday I rode well on a hot night out of Hopewell to Lambertville with the Princeton Freewheelers. The power numbers were 183w […]

Finding The Time To Be Intense

I know that my intensity training is paying off.  I feel stronger on the bike, particularly in shorter bursts, such as catching up with a group and climbing hills.  My power numbers are also on the increase.  I was rarely topping 400w for one-minute segments or 300w for 5-minute segments a few weeks ago.  Now […]

Wilting In The Heat

Today I decided to kick off my second build/intensity period by joining a 53-mile ride with the Morris Area Free Wheelers.  This was billed as a “B” ride, whatever that means.  In the MAFW, ride categories seem to depend sometimes more on the identities of the riders who show up than on some kind of […]