Let the eating season begin

It starts with all that extra candy that the trick or treaters didn’t take.  You show up at work and there are cakes and candies everywhere you look.  Then it shifts into high gear on Thanksgiving and roars through the December holidays.  Not until you’ve packed away the last potato chip filled with onion dip […]

Forcing myself to take it easy

Check out Joe Friel’s blog this week.  He’s making the same point he makes in his book, that you should have a 2-6 week period of down time after the season, where you still get exercise but don’t work nearly as hard on the bike.  I think I’ll try to continue my easier routine for […]

Starting the work week right

Did my usual Monday morning 45-minute run-lift workout.  Good way to start the week.  Hopefully the weather will be good for my last 200k Saturday.


2009: The Cycling Year That Was

 Me at the start of the Endless Mountains 1240k, my big goal of 2009.Although the calendar says it’s the last week of October, for me the 2009 cycling season is basically over.  Ever since I got back on the bicycle in May 1996, I have made a habit each year of setting goals.  In 1996, […]

Out again with the Cyclepaths

The Cyclepaths are an informal cycling club based here in East Brunswick, NJ., led by “Coach Bill” Zucker.  Eight of us met at the Warnsdorfer School as we do every Sunday at 7:30 a.m.  The ride was headed to Hopewell and back, about 55 miles, but I had to make it to choir practice and […]

Then There Were 2

OK, so I had one of those three Krispy Kreme donuts today after doing a 52-mile ride that largely avoided the forecasted rain.  I rode with Dov F., Shane, Roy and Rick.  The PA 20ok was postponed a week because of the extremely wet and slippery conditions, particularly on the steep descents on that ride.  […]

3 Krispy Kreme Donuts Sitting On The Kitchen Counter

I walked into the kitchen this morning and there they were.  Three of them.  Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts.  My favorite.  Apparently our son had visited the Penn Station store and picked up a box of six.  What had happened to the others was pretty obvious.  I made my usual breakfast of whole wheat toast […]

Beware the twinge

Did the usual 45-minute run-lift workout at the gym this morning.  Back to two a week of these.  Felt good.  At the very end, felt a twinge in my arm doing the 5th of 6 curls with the 70 pound barbell.  So I skipped rep 6.  I pay attention to twinges.  I think that’s helped […]

The Only Thing Worse Than Intervals on the Spinner is . . .

The only thing worse than doing intervals on the spinner is doing them without the i-pod.  As my i-pod has gone on the fritz, there was no inspirational music this morning as I did a 50-minute interval program on the indoor spinner at the Y, plus a 10-minute warmup.  HR was 150-165 (threshold is 167) […]

Back on track with run, weights

During my bad weather half of the year (October - March), I generally do twice a week sessions in the weight room.  These last 45 minutes generally, with a 15-minute run to get me started, then 30 minutes of pushups, leg presses, crunches, lateral pulldowns and curls with free weights.  I reduce these to once […]