Intensity Training: Now For the Hard Part

Today was the annual Cyclepaths’ Memorial Day Ride, for me 41 easy, sociable miles. These guys are my local riding buddies. I usually ride with them a couple of times a week during the cycling season, and then on and off with the diehards in the winter. This is officially the first […]

The PA600k: The Lone Rando Finds Company

From left to right: Shane, me and Roy, about to devour breakfast in a matter of seconds on Day 2 in the diner in Limerick, PA, originally uploaded by Shane Beake.

I tend to be a solitary randonneur.  Club rides are different.  Unless I get lost or […]

Knowing When To Go Off The Training Recipe

This week was my first of three long weeks for Base 3, to be followed by a rest week, then three intense weeks of Build 1.  I have three base weeks, eight build weeks and two peak weeks before my target event, Quadzilla on August 14th.  I loosely follow the training guidelines in the Cyclist […]

Getting the weight down and the power up

I just finished the second, four-week block of my base/endurance period.  Things are going according to plan.  My weight is down to 166 pounds (at least until that ice cream I had today), my legs are recovering from the high volume of the three previous weeks and my power numbers are looking better.

I spent only […]

I Should Have Known Better (the PA 400k)

IMG_4390, originally uploaded by Shane Beake. Shane’s complete photos are here:

I should have known better. I knew the forecast was for muggy weather in the high 80s. I knew the PA 400k had a vicious section in the […]