My Goals for 2013

Hello everybody:

2012 was not one of my top performance years on the bike.  With less than 3800 miles, it was my lowest total in 10 years.  I was really slowed down by four physical ailments, none of them major, but all debilitating: acute bronchitis (June), back strain (August), mild concussion (November) and influenza Type A (December).  I’m still getting over the flu.

It’s hard to imagine that two years ago I was riding Quadzilla and three years ago riding the Endless Mountains 1240.  For 2013, my goals are more modest.

1.  Complete a hilly Super Rando series.  Because of scheduling conflicts, this probably means riding a 200k in PA on March 23, a 300k in NJ on May 4, a 400k in Pa on 5/18 and a 600k in the Catskills on 6/8.

2.  Volunteer with the wife, Jill, on the Endless Mountains 1240k.  I think my experiences in 2009, while epic I’m sure, were enough to last more than four years.

3.  Get back into a healthier exercise routine, and keep the mileage at about 4,000.

4.  Continue toward the long-range goal of 100,000 lifetime riding miles.  I’m now about 86,000, so I’m about four years away if I can stay healthy enough to average about 4,000 per year.

5.  I think 4,000 is a good mileage total.  That still permits some long rides but allows for some balance as well with family and friends.

We’ll see.  It’ll be back to the gym tomorrow morning at 5:15.  The February 2, 21013 PA 200k, my first target event, is only four weeks and change away.


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