So, you'd like to sign up for NJ Randonneurs events?

You can register online at Here are the registration pages for 2013 events (online registration opened in January 2013):

Princeton 120k - register here
Princeton 200k - register here
Princeton 300k - register here
Hightstown 400k - register here
Catskill 600k - register here
Shore by Night 200k - register here
NYC 200k - register here
Central Jersey 200k - register here

We look forward to seeing you on the road!




Sun. Nov. 3rd, 2013
Central Jersey 200k

Sun. Oct. 13th, 2013
NYC 200k

Sat. Sept 7th, 2013
Englewood 400K

Sat. July 20th, 2013
Shore by Night

Sat. June 8th, 2013
Catskill 600k

Sat. May 18th, 2013
Hightstown 400k

Sat. May 18th, 2013
Batsto/Salem 200k

Sat. May 4th, 2013
Princeton 300k

Sat. May 4th, 2013
Bagel Boss 100K

Sat. Apr. 20th, 2013
Princeton 200k

Sat. Apr. 20th, 2013
Princeton 120k

Sun. Mar. 24th, 2013
Cranbury 200k

 = Online Registration Open
 = Registration To be Opened
 = Online Registration Closed



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