NYC200 2013 Results

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NYC200 2013 Results

Postby jbl » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:25 pm

Riders were treated to beautiful weather conditions yesterday, and we had a nice mix of familiar and new faces. Like Little Red Riding Hood's oatmeal, it was neither too hot nor too cold (nor too windy). Everyone was in good spirits at the Monroe controle, and at the finish - likely due to the beautifully smooth roads of Harriman. (Good thing it is a state park rather than a National Park...) Earlier riders were treated to an outdoor wedding party on the terrace by the finish. Although we had a few riders not start due to feeling unwell, we had a 100% completion rate this year.

Results will soon be posted to RUSA.
Congratulations to all finishers! I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful day out.
See you Sunday Nov 3 for the Central Jersey 200k.

Cheers, JB
Name RUSA# Time
Chambard, Laurent 2067 12:30
Collins, Sam 1702 11:25
Crews, Dan - 11:29
Hoffman, Joe 9011 11:00
Levitt, Jonathan 3451 9:40 preride
Kerekes, Todd 4172 11:20
Landis, Robin 2582 10:36
Maglieri, Christopher 6858 8:49
Mass, Gary 6416 12:10
Newman, Christine 2861 11:29
Nguyen, Michelle 8662 12:10
Silver, Mordecai 3595 10:36
Slocum, Christopher 7973 11:58
Stillman, Edward - 11:29
Swain, George 4232 10:36
Wegner, Wade - 12:10

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Re: NYC200 2013 Results

Postby ChrisN62 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:32 pm


Thanks for organizing and supporting the ride yesterday. I had forgotten how challenging it was. The perfect weather and beautiful scenery made it hurt a little less!

Here is a link to my photos: ... 6Xl_KfBYw#

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Re: NYC200 2013 Results

Postby GSM » Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:01 pm

thanks very much for hosting the ride on Sunday - as always, a terrific event and your coordination and presence along the route are very much appreciated. The scenery was teriffic which made the ride that much more enjoyable. :bike3:
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