NJ/NYC Brevet Series - Rules and Policies

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1. General

1.1 Our Brevets are run according to rules designed by Randonneurs USA. Details may be found at: http://www.rusa.org


1.2 Events start at the time of start, sharp. Entering remains possible within one hour after start time (but you have to make up, on the road, the time lost at the start if you want to stay within the time limit and see your Brevet validated).


1.3 Working lights are mandatory on all our events in 2007, excepted for the NYC Populaire on August 12th. No lights, no ride. This is for your safety. Before implementing this rule, we always ended up with riders caught by darkness by surprise. It may be you tomorrow!


1.4 Our events are insured against Liability, for the duration of the event. Your entry gives you this Liability insurance protection.


1.5 If you are under the age of 18 at the time of entering, you may enter our events, but with special requirements regarding parental consent.  


Please email [email protected] if you are in this situation.


2. Administration of entries

2.1 Before you send your entry, you may want some information about the events. Please email [email protected] for such information.


2.2 Upon reception of your entry, you will be e-mailed the following:

      2.2.1 A PRELIMINARY cue sheet relative to the event(s) you entered. Nota: the FINAL cue sheet is the one given to you AT THE START

      2.2.2 Safety Instructions relative to the event(s) you entered. Thank you for spending a few minutes reading them a bit before the ride

      2.2.3 An e-mail confirming the events for which your entry was received.

      2.2.4 The Liability Waivers you will be requested to sign-off before starting the event(s)

      2.2.5 When applicable, a list of hotel/motels convenient for staying before or after the event. We have group rates with some.


2.3 At the start, you will be asked to sign two Liability Waivers, and then will be handed over your Rider Pack. The Rider Pack contains your Brevet Card, the FINAL cue sheet, Safety Instructions, and anti-dehydration tablets. You may then start the ride at the time of start.


2.4 You may enter our events on the line, the morning of the event, without having pre-registered. But then you won't receive a cue sheet in advance, and you might have to wait before being processed after pre-registered riders who take priority.


3. Refund policy

3.1 We don't refund for no-show. The only exception is in case an event has to be cancelled; you will then be offered the choice between refund, and transfer of the fee to another event we will be running in 2007. Please note that it truly takes exceptional circumstances for cancelling a Brevet. Rain is no good reason to cancel! (Ask survivors of the 2006 Princeton Brevets...)


3.2 In case you couldn't start an event, you may transfer the entry fee to whatever other event we will be running in 2007. No need to send a new entry form. Just e-mail [email protected] telling on what event you want to transfer the fee.


Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail [email protected]. This applies particularly to those of you who have never ridden any Brevet.


Laurent CHAMBARD, RUSA Regional Brevet Administrator (RBA), NJ/NYC