NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

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NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

Postby jbondra » Mon May 28, 2012 2:59 am

Thanks to all the volunteers who made for a great ride. All of you made my job of riding my bike for my first 400k a lot easier. Your attention and smiles from check-in, registration, bike inspection, to keeping us fed and watered at the controles were greatly appreciated.

Jim Bondra
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Re: NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

Postby rixter » Mon May 28, 2012 6:42 pm

... BC Rt 611... SO TRO Rt 611.... It's Monday afternoon and I am still headed southwest on Rt 611... can anyone tell me when this road ends?

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.. and so the discussion goes... what road on this route seems the longest?

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on a nice event, some of them after just finishing the pre-ride themselves. Nice going on the Lower Bank Tavern stop. Bill is a friend and I will be back to his place soon to do a better job finishing the chili burger and fries I ordered. No matter the hunger, sometimes even with the appetite I have I can't finish all my food on a ride. Also a wonderful touch was the warm food Paul had for us at the finish. Great job Joe, Jon, Katie, Paul, Ron, Barb and Bill.. and anyone I'm forgetting for putting in the effort.

Congrats Jim from Ithaca on your first 400. I think I was with you for 350K of that and it seems I am always with someone on their first 400 when on this route. It is a special pleasure being present to witness riders reaching new milestones. Good luck on your 600.

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Re: NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

Postby GSM » Tue May 29, 2012 1:29 am

Thanks very much for putting together the 400k. This was my first 400k along with my friend (Michelle).
I have done a few events both in PA and NJ and must compliment everyone who made this event a wonderful and well organized experience from start to finish. The cue sheet was very well done and the course was enjoyable to ride. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. The rest stops were all well prepared to handle our needs. The first stop was well stocked. Having a meal on the back end well into Sunday am upon our return was very much welcomed. I hope to ride another event in the near future, as this is a terrific cycling club.

thanks again !
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Re: NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

Postby wildbird » Wed May 30, 2012 3:35 am

Hear, hear - from another 400k first timer - this was another great event - another big thanks to all the volunteers. I particularly liked the initial 60 mile+/- spacing between controlees - a little tough but feasible on flat terrain I guess. Great little Tavern stop - I too may come back - now here is a special thank you to William Olsen, who kept me company for a good while, prevented me from blowing up and read the route sheet - "Randonneur Extraordinaire" :bike2: I would say.

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Re: NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

Postby paul_m » Thu May 31, 2012 11:53 am

I also would like to thank the volunteers who manned the controles. It makes such a big difference to see someone you know waiting to sign your card. Also, I would like to humbly apologise for the state of my card at Buttonwood Campground - it was covered in sweat!! :lol: A big thank you to Ron Anderson stationed at the only Wawa controle as I borrowed his floor pump, after Patrick had wiped me out trying to steal another cool jersey from my back! (Hope you are recovering from your wounds, Patrick.)
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Re: NJ 400k-Thanks to All the Volunteers

Postby bluegitane » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:34 am

Many thanks to volunteers, organizer and RBA for yet another very enjoyable NJ400. This coming from a Randonneur with no big love for flat routes, however somehow this one is the exception I keep coming for more; and I hear I am not alone.

The new controle at the Tavern was a hit. Great food served promptly, and by a fellow Randonneur, what more can one want? My butt also thanks this new controle for adding the nice novelty of having bathrooms on the way back, versus past versions where we didn't have any to speak of for the last 200k of the ride. OK, I know, that was good training for further, longer distances...
So, here is a control that keeps alive and well this great tradition of the NJ gastronome's series. Not for us, the mere energy bar thrown through the window of a semi-closed 24 hours gas station. NJ Randonneurs live to eat, and to eat well!
(Talking of which, I do recommend the grill at the start/finish of the upcoming NJ600. Good food and nice wine list. Now how often to do see THAT on a Brevet controle?)

I am still feeling a bit guilty for sneaking out upon finishing to hit the pillow, instead of keeping Paul company for this soooo long wait for the last rider. Though it wouldn't have been long before I fell asleep and shut down company anyway.
Barbara, it was very nice to see you in good spirits in Vincentown. Wishing a prompt recovery to this wrist, and looking forward to seeing Ron and you back on the tandem.

One little puzzle: Paul swore to me that the route this year (excepted for the out and back to the Tavern) was exactly identical to last year's. Yet I swear that the approach to Salem has been changed this year, as follows: about 15 miles from Salem: the formerly used little lanes that used to change directions every mile or so, deliberately created so to bring some variety from the long straight lines and offer some respite from headwind and sun, have now been replaced by a long straight stretch under blazing sun and without a square inch of shade to be found alongside. Is it a deliberate change (e.g., need to shorten stage 2 to make room for the new detour to the Tavern and back; or, organizer tired of lanes and wanting nothing but straight, exposed roads)? Have we been caught by the route police for offering a route that can be short-cut somewhere, and had to modify making it less enjoyable along the way? Or is it just a good faith oversight? For what it's worth, given a choice I reckon I prefer the lanes particularly at that place and time. When it gets close to noon on the way to Salem, I can use every piece of shade and every respite from headwind I can find...
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