Results for the NYC200K

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Results for the NYC200K

Postby jbl » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:24 pm

A number of hardy randonneurs and randonneuses showed up early yesterday morning to ride the beautiful hills of Bergen, Rockland and Orange Counties, despite the unsettled forecast. We were lucky enough to be joined at the start by veteran randonneur Leroy Varga, proudly wearing his NJ Rando colors.
Riders set off under humid but not too warm conditions. Scattered heavy showers were to accompany the riders as they entered Harriman; most riders got soaked climbing Perkins Drive, and a few even took shelter from the downpouring condition in the Tower at the top of Bear Mountain. Maybe our next info controle question should be something about the INSIDE of the tower. :)

Q; Why is it GOOD to have rain showers on a ride through Harriman State Park?
A: It prevents overheating and keeps down the number of motorcyclists whizzing loudly past as you are trying to enjoy the QUIET beauty of the park.

After dodging showers much of the early to mid part of the day, riders saw mainly clear skies for the remainder of the afternoon, though they did have a strong steady southerly wind all day which made for a nice headwind on the return. (If it is any consolation, when I did the preride to check the course, I had headwinds going both north and south as the winds shifted over the course of that day).
Early on, there was a cold front out in western PA moving steadily eastward all day. This was spawning a line of strong rainstorms and heavy winds, and the question was whether riders would get back to the start before it hit the NY area. A few did, most did not. But in the event, the resulting downpour (though intense) did not last too long. Riders arrived back at the finish in good spirits, proud of their accomplishment. Special thanks to NJ RBA Katie Raschdorf for seeing to riders at the Monroe controle, and for going that extra mile to check on riders at the penultimate controle at the Orchards of Conklin.

Of special note, this was the first brevet for newbie randonneurs Leigh Fanady & Tim Guscott, and Chris Slocum's first really hilly one in his 1st season. And this ride allowed George "Comeback Kid" Swain to complete a Super Randonneur series. Chapeau!
Congratulations to all riders for getting around a challenging course in good spirits despite the less-than-ideal conditions.

Next and last ride of the season is the Central Jersey 200k (Ron Anderson Special). After yesterday's lumpy course, if you want a mellow flat ride, this one is for you.

NYC200K finishers- Saturday September 8, 2012
Beake Shane 10:15
Chambard Laurent 13:00
Collins Sam 12:13
Dohne Gerhard 10:10
Fanady Leigh 13:00 FIRST BREVET!
Guscott Tim 12:05 FIRST BREVET!
Haluza Doug 13:08
Jacobs Erica 10:15
Labovitz Daniel 10:15
Levitt Jonathan 9:38 Preride
Olsen Bob 11:05
Slocum Chris 13:08
Snyder Keith 13:03
Swain George 11:05
Torres Bob 9:05 FIRST FINISHER
Yates Roy 10:15

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Re: Results for the NYC200K

Postby wildbird » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:09 am

Another great ride - thanks to everyone who put an effort into planning, organizing and conducting this ride. Great - though pretty tough course - those initial climbs on the way back kind of adjusted my attitude.. The rain was none of the organizers responsibilities but IMHO( and in hindsight...) made for a great challenge above and beyond the distance and the climbs - great people to ride with - my helmet is off to Bob who had the discipline to ride through this stuff seemingly un-phased and without any lengthy brakes - great job. It was great to ride with a fellow randonneur named Dan for a good while - for me this is what camaraderie and randonneuring is about...
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Re: Results for the NYC200K

Postby Slocumotive » Wed Sep 12, 2012 8:52 pm

Thanks to everyone who helped plan this out and make it successful. Those climbs at Bear mountain and Harriman State Park really tested my meddle and was probably the most difficult cycling I have ever done. There were times I thought my legs would burst into flames, but luckily the torrential downpours prevented that. I was never so happy to see my truck at the end of the ride. It felt really great to complete the ride, especially with the weather. See everyone in October.
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