Cranbury 600K July 11, 2008 Event Description

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Cranbury 600K July 11, 2008 Event Description

by Iceman on Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:01 pm

From Laurent's previous post: About the 600-
This one is again a new route, though not quite as new as the 400 for the simple reason that we essentially use the route of the 2007 Hightstown event, but in reverse (no, you won't have to pedal in reverse; just turn your bike around).
I heard your post-PBP feed-back stating that many of you had not felt well prepared against sleepiness. So you will have a PBP start time (10h00pm on Friday), which guarantees you two nights on the road.
Given the huge popular appeal of the 2007 (flat) 600, we will run again in 2008 a totally flat route, if only to give those of you who were too late for a slot in '07 your chance at it.
The plan is to start from Cranbury NJ where a good pre-ride dinner may be enjoyed from local restaurants just across the parking lot before jumping on the bike. Stage 1 would lead to Rt 539 with the first controle being probably an all-night Wawa, sadly Lucile's will be closed at that time so we will just cheer the place en passant heading towards control # 2 somewhere around Atlantic City. The coastal road from Somers Point to Cold Harbor will be used again, and controle # 3 will very possibly be the Mauricetown Wawa again. Controle # 4 and main rest stop around km 380 or so will be set somewhere in the Bridgeton / Millville area, by that time it will be mid afternoon for most of you so the rest stop will be the opportunity to escape the worst of heat. Then the return will essentially follow the NJ400 route of 2006 and 2007 editions, excepted for the last few miles, and for the fact that we will probably have a night controle in Hammonton on top of the all-night Wawa familiar to last year's 400k veterans.
In summary: this route will be again as flat as a pancake, which offers opportunities to gain time and then spend it wisely to escape the worst of heat and/or sleepiness. In other words, a Florida-style 600 without the air travel hassles (nor the 'gators), and a good initiation to serious night riding for whoever aims at a 1200 for the first time later in the season...
The main rest stop (or 'sleep stop') will probably not be at a hotel given the very different timing of this event compared to 2007. I am more thinking of a BMB-style controle (think Middlebury or Rouses Point) entirely run by volunteers with one big dormitory where to sleep, another one where to eat, and a shower room.

I hope this is of some help for you guys to select where you will be riding your (really) long Brevets this year - and in the hope that they will be ours!
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