2016 Events

New York City 200k

 Sunday, September 25, 2016
Start: 7am - Starbucks 181st St, New York City (Manhatten)
Description:  This ride returns after a one year hiatus.  It is a challenging and scenic tour of Northern New Jersey and New York State.  This includes the George Washington Bridge,  Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park.
Controls: Stony Point,  Bear Mountain, Monroe, Pomona - This event will be lightly supported with volunteer present at the start, finish and some intermediate controls.
Fee: $25
Registration: OPEN

Past 2016 Events

Cranbury 200k

When: Saturday, April 23, 2016
Start: 7am - Village Park - Cranbury, NJ
Finish: Italian Touch Pizza - Cranbury, NJ (0.4 Miles from Village Park)
Description: Mostly flat terrain with one notable climb of the Atlantic Highlands.  A pleasant tour of some of the Jersey Shore popular destinations.  Fast times are possible.
Controls: Union Beach, Belmar, Jerseyville - All controls are convenience stores, or fast food.  All will have a volunteer present.  Water will be provided for refilling bottles.  Food is available for purchase.  Pizza at the finish!
Time Limit: 13.5 Hours
 Fee: $25 
Registration: CLOSED!

Princeton 300k

A Classic NJ Route

 Saturday, May 7, 2016
Start: 4am - Princeton Forrestal Village, Plainsboro, NJ (Westin Hotel Available)
Description: This ride returns after a one year hiatus.  Very hilly terrain.  A beautifully scenic tour of the northernmost regions of the state.
Controls:  Whitehouse Station,  Blairstown,  Chester, Three Bridges - All controls are staffed with volunteers.  Water will be supplied.  Food is provided at Hacklebarney State Park (Chester control).  All other controls will have food available for purchase.  Due to the distance between controls optional convenience store stops will be noted on the cue-sheet.  . 
Time Limit:
 20 Hours
Fee $40
Registation: CLOSED!

New Jersey 400k

When: Saturday, May 21, 2016
Start: 4am - Days Inn - East Windsor, NJ
Description: Mostly flat terrain through Central and Southern New Jersey passing through the Batsto Recreation Area, Mullica River and Wharton State Forest to the Delaware River in Salem.  Volunteers will be present at all controls to document passage, provide water, and energy bars.  The Egg Harbor control, Lower Bank Tavern, will have food provided at no charge both on the outbound and the return.  The Salem control is Batsto Pizza.  The Pemperton Control is a Super Wawa.  Food will be available for purchase at both Salem and Pemberton.
 Egg Harbor City, Salem, Pemberton
Time Limit: 27 Hours
Fee: $50

Batsto 200k

 Saturday, May 21, 2016
Start: 7am - Lower Bank Tavern, Egg Harbor City, NJ
Description: Flat route held concurrently with the New Jersey 400k using the same route to Salem on the Delaware River and back to the Lower Bank Tavern.
Controls:  Salem, Franklinville
Time Limit: 13.5 Hours
Fee $25 
Registration: CLOSED

Princeton 600k
New Route
When: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Start Time: 5:00am
Start & Finish Location: Clarion Hotel,  US Highway 1 - Princeton, NJ (Next to Whole Foods)
Description:  A two loop route.  Loop #1 heads northwest into PA, is hilly, and approximately 360k, Loop # 2 heads south towards the Jersey Shore, is mostly flat, and approximately 240k.  
Sleep Stop: Clarion Hotel - Palmer Inn - Rooms for sleep provided (double occupancy) 
Time Limit: 40 Hours
Fee: $125
Registration: CLOSED!


New Jersey Arrow - 360k Team Event
New Event - For the benefit of Hunterdon Youth Services (HYS)

When: Saturday, July 9, 2016
Start Time: 10:00am
Finish Location:
 Pete's Bike Shop, Flemington, New Jersey
Description:  A 24 hour team event with up to five bikes per team.  A minimum of three bikes must finish for finishers to receive credit.  Teams may be comprised of a minimum of three bikes. However,  four or five are recommended.  Multiple rider bikes count as one bike (tandems/triples).  Teams choose their starting location and design a route of at least 360k to the designated finish.  Routes are submitted to the organizer for approval.  All teams must start at the designated start time. This is a RUSA Sanctioned event and not an ACP Fleche.  While largely the same there are some differences between the two. All Arrow teams start at the same time.  The complete rules are available on the RUSA web-site.
Unsupported:  Each team will support themselves along the route.  Food will be provided at the finish.
Fee: $59 - The entire entry fee will be donated to Hunterdon Youth Services (HYS).  This recognized charity provides shelter and care for adolescents at risk.
Registration: CLOSED!