RUSA and ACP Awards

Listed below are some of the most popular, and some of the most challenging awards that have been earned by riders in our region.


5,000 Kilometer Award (2018)
Earned by accumulating 5,000 kilometers while participating in domestic Brevets or Permanents in a single season.

Mary Foley
Razvan Buciuc
Patrick Chin-Hong
Dawn Engstrom
Vadim Grtisus
Joe Kratovil
Jeff Lippincott
Paul Shapiro
Gil Lebron
Rudi Mayr
Bill Olsen
Bill Russell
Chris Slocum
Bob Torres

K-Hound Award - 10,000 Kilometers (2018)
Earned by accumulating 10,000 kilometers while participating in domestic, or foreign Brevets or Permanents in a single season.

Mary Foley (2)  Gil Lebron (2) Paul Shapiro (6)  Chris Slocum  

Note: The number next to name indicates how many times the award was earned,

Mondial Award - 40,000 Kilometers (Lifetime)
Earned by accumulating 40,000 kilometers while participating in domestic Brevets or Permanents in any amount of time.

Nigel Greene
Joe Kratovil
Jon Levitt
Christine Newman
William Olsen
Paul Shapiro 
Bob Torres
Janice Chernekoff

Galaxy Award - 100,000 Kilometers (Lifetime)
Earned by accumulating 100,000 kilometers while participating in domestic Brevets or Permanents in any amount of time.

Joe Kratovil
William Olsen
Paul Shapiro

Other Awards:

Super Randonneur (2018)
Earned by completing a series ACP Brevets:  200k, 300k, 400k and 600k in a single season.

Jimmy Aspras, Razvan Buciuc, Patrick Chin-Hong, Mario Claussnitzer, John D'Elia,
Dawn Engstrom, Vadim Gritsus, Gil Lebron, Jon Levitt, Jeff Lippincott,
Christine Newmann, William Olsen, Katie Raschdorf, Bill Russell, Will Sherman, Christopher Slocum, Bob Torres

Ultra Randonneur (Lifetime)
Earned by completing ten Super Randonneur Series' in any amount of time.

Patrick Chin-Hong, Joe Kratovil, Jon Levitt, Christine Newman, William Olsen, 
Bill Russell, Paul Shaprio, Bob Torres


Earned by completing a Brevet or Permanent of 200k or longer in every month of the year

Jimmy Aspras, Marc Bernardo (2), George Brandt (6), Greg Bullock (2), Mary Foley, Andrew Froberg, Jeffrey Greg, Vadim Gritsus (2), Patrick Chin-Hong (3), 
Joe Kratovil (9), Gil Lebron (4), Rick Lentz (4), Jon Levitt (9), Jeff Lippencott, 
Brandon Mak, Rudi Mayr, Christine Newman (8), William Olsen (11), Joe Ray, 
William Reagan (6),  Mark Reilly (4), Paul Shapiro (9), Will Sherman (2), 
Chris Slocum (4), Bill Reagan (4), Bob Torres (5) Steve Weng

Ultra R-12 (Lifetime)
Earned by completing 10 R-12's
William Olsen

American Explorer (Lifetime)
Earned by completing a Brevet or Permanent in at least 10 States within the U.S.

Jimmy Aspras (16) Andy Brenner (11) Janice Chernekoff (18), Patrick Chin-Hong (23),  Nigel Greene (22), Vadim Gritsus (10) Joe Kratovil (23), Gil Lebron (10), Rick Lentz (13), 
Jeff Lippencott (13), Christine Newman (27), William Olsen (28), Bill Russell (15), 
Paul Shapiro (21), Chris Slocum (10), Bob Torres (15)

Note:  (1). Number designates the number of states a rider has accumulated.  (2). Any state that is passed through in the completion of a brevet or permanent is counted.

ACP Randonneur 5,000 
Complete at least 5000km of brevets including a Paris-Brest-Paris, a full ACP series of 200, 300, 400, 600, and 1000 km brevets, and a Flèche team event within a four-year period.

Patrick Chin-Hong, Joe Fillip, Nigel Greene, Vadim Gritsus, Joe Kratovil, Jon Levitt (3), Christine Newman (2),  Bob Olsen, William Olsen, Bill Russell, Bob Torres, 
Paul Shapiro (2) Chris Slocum

Complete at least one of each type of RUSA event, accumulating at least 5000km over a two-year period

Patrick Chin-Hong, Nigel Greene, Jeff Lippincott, Kate Marshall, Rudi Mayr,
Christine Newman, William Olsen (3), Paul Shapiro, Bob Torres, Chris Slocum (2), Victor Urvanstev

American Randonneur Challenge
Complete two RM 1200 K events in the United States in the same year.

Laurent Chambard  (2005)
William Olsen (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017)
Chris Slocum (2017)