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The view at the top of  Adamic Hill Road in Holland Township

Twenty-Two Riders Finish the Princeton 200k

Despite some unpleasant rain off and on this past Saturday.  Twenty-two hardy Randonneurs made their way around the challenging Princeton 200k route within the time limit.  In fact, all the finishers were back at the Princeton Forrestal Village before the sun-set at 7:15pm.  Everyone was in good spirits throughout the day.  There was a lot of support offered along the way at every control.  The furthest point on the route was Stewartsville, where most riders arrived in rainy conditions.  Thankfully, the air temperature remained warm enough that there was little risk of hypothermia.  It was just not entirely pleasant.  The heavy rain was just  for a brief period the rest of the time it was only light rain, or drizzle.  Click here for RESULTS.

Princeton 120k Results

Ron Anderson 7:14, Marut Bhargava 7:14, Patsy Grau 7:14, Bill Olsen 6:54, Paul Shapiro 5:42 (Pre-Ride), Lauren Yesko 6:54, Stephen Yesko 6:54

Total 7 Finishers

New York City 200k - Next Up on the New Jersey Calendar

This is our final offering for the 2014 season and we are committed to making it the most fun of the year.  Read the following description of this gem set for Sunday, October, 12th. 

A scenic and challenging tour of Bergen and Rockland Counties in the outskirts of NYC and north NJ. Riders start at the NY side of the George Washington Bridge, meander through the quiet suburban roads of Bergen County NJ and along the magnificent Hudson River in Rockland County NY, before climbing from the river to the top of Bear Mountain with its stunning views of the Hudson Valley. Riders then tackle the roller coaster crossing of Harriman State park to the turnaround point in Monroe NY, before again confronting the hills of Harriman State Park on the return. After a stop at the Orchards of Concklin in Pomona NY, riders return via the gently rolling suburban roads of Rockland County before the final climb up to Englewood Cliffs and the recrossing of the George Washington Bridge.

The finish is at a beautiful overlook of the river in Ft Tryon Park, thus granting the riders a final brief flourish of riding in upper Manhattan. 

More details are available on the Events page of this site. 

Joe Kratovil

RBA New Jersey - New York