Looking Forward to 2017

 The 2017 calendar should be quite good for those looking to complete more than one series with lots of options for tying things together.  We will take our usual off PBP year approach to running the brevets a bit later than our neighboring regions.  

The Batsto 200k, from Egg Harbor, will open the season in late April. This will be followed by the popular Cranbury 200k held one week later.

For May our 2017 calendar will feature two 300k ACP Brevets, the first being the challenging Englewood 300k.  This will be followed one week later by the considerably flatter New Jersey Devil 300k from Vineland.  This will be a brand new route designed by Rick Lentz.     

This year the 400k route will be updated to feature Wildwood, NJ as the turnaround point in lieu of the previous destination of Salem.  Other route and control changes are in the works as well.  This brevet will be in early June.  

Scheduled for late June and back by popular demand is the Princeton 600k.  This two loop route, with a challenging first loop, proved difficult to conquer on our first running of it last year.  Heat and high winds, along with a wildfire, were responsible for many DNF's.  None the less, when put to a majority vote it won out over all other options.  

Details are available on the 2017 events page of this web-site!

We look forward to seeing you!

Joe Kratovil

RBA  New Jersey - New York City