Pinelands 300k
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Riders on the pre-ride Pinelands 300k - Saturday 4/18

Updated Information 4/20/15:

This past Saturday six riders undertook the Pinelands 300k route as a pre-ride check.  With great weather on hand for the day all riders enjoyed the mild, but scenic tour of the Central and Southern New Jersey.  With winds picking up in the afternoon the group was pleased to discover that the Piney Woods which make up much of the miles in the lower portion of the route made for terrific wind block.  This helped make it possible for all to achieve the finish before sunset.  

The cue-sheet underwent a few minor tweaks.  The Ride with GPS Map also required a slight edit due to a road which did not go through as shown on the map.  These corrections are now reflected in the materials on the web-site.  At this point they are considered to be final, however, if a last minute road closure comes to our attention an additional change is possible.  A cue-sheet is provided in the rider packet at the start. 

Final cue-sheet, Ride with GPS Maps are on the events page of this web-site.

Please Note:  This event begins before sunrise and requires all riders to have proper lighting and reflective gear as per RUSA Regulations.  If more clarification is required please see the RUSA Rules for Riders here.

Rider Check-in:  Mercer County Park (Fields 3-9 Pavillion) starting at 4am.  Riders may arrive up until 6am and still be permitted to check-in and start.  No riders will be checked-in during the pre-ride instructions five minutes prior to the start at 04:55. 

Registration:  All must be pre-registered!  The event is still accepting riders until Thursday at 11:59pm.  Go here to register. 

Registered Rider List (29) as of 4/20/2015

Daniel Aaron, Dija Amer, Christoph Boeckeler, David Bosch, Greg Bullock, Joshua Caesar, Laurent Chambard, Tim Conway, Leslie Craven, William Fischer, Andrew Froberg, Nicholas Gigliotti, Nigel Greene,  Jeffrey Gregg, Kenneth Herbert, Todd Kerekes, Paul Kramer, Rodolfo Lopez, Michael Manna, Chris Nadovich, William Olsen, Peter Phillips, Joseph Ray, Tom Reeder, Bill Russell, Will Sherman, Chris Slocum, Edward Stillman, Len Zawodniak


For those coming from a distance there are many nearby motels on US Highway 1 in Lawrenceville.    The nearest options are the Comfort Inn  Red Roof Inn and Howard Johnsons

The area abounds with many places to eat including the RBA's personal favorite Whole Foods Market

We look forward to seeing you!

Joe Kratovil

RBA  New Jersey - New York City