New Jersey Randonneur Jon Levitt rides into the city of Brest - 2011 PBP

2015 The Quest for Paris-Brest-Paris

While probably less than half of New Jersey Randonneurs currently plan on attending the upcoming PBP the stature of this once in every four years event merits our primary focus for 2015.  Our Brevet Series schedule is tailored to suit the qualification and preparation demands of the original and Grandest of all Randonees.    Of course riders that do not have PBP on their agenda can still enjoy the benefits of riding our brevets the same as in any other year. 

The qualifying series will start on April 4th with the flat terrain of the Cranbury 200k.  Following on April 25th will be a new 300k brevet route starting from West Windsor which travels through some of the Pinelands region.  This route is also quite mild in terrain.  Our flat New Jersey 400k will be next up on May 16th from Hightstown.  The series will conclude with the East Creek 600k on June  6th and 7th, which is also a flat route from Hightstown.   Participation in this series will have PBP hopefuls qualified three weeks in advance of the June 30 deadline. 

The next step in the plan is to help prepare those who aspire to cross the finish line in Paris for the challenge they will face.  For this purpose we offer additional brevets outside of the series which rate high in difficulty.   We start on July 11th with the original Catskill 600k featuring iconic climbs through the mountain region of New York State.  Our final offering before riders depart for France is the challenging Englewood 300k which also visits New York State.  This brevet is rich with scenery and elevation gain.  It is safe to say that riders who complete  both preparation rides will have a very solid chance at an official finish in Paris.  Once again non-PBP riders may choose to participate in these rides as part of an SR Series or simply for the challenge of it.  

We end our season here in New Jersey on September 19th with the Central Jersey 200k from Princeton Junction.  This ride is planned as a social gathering for riders back from France and all others who choose to join in.  The route is of moderate terrain allowing for groups to ride together.  Riders can exchange stories based on their recent experience in France.     

Details of all the above mentioned Brevets can be found on the Events page of this website.  As always we are happy to address any questions you may have. 

Joe Kratovil

RBA New Jersey - New York