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photo by Nigel Greene

New Jersey Shore by Night 200k

Twenty-five riders in total finish the 2014 Shore by Night 200k! 

On a very pleasant evening the group of riders departed Knapp's Cyclery in Cranbury, NJ.  The hour was 10:00pm.  The sleepy town appeared unaware of the activity taking place on the quiet Main Street.  Riders clad in reflective gear with rear lights blinking proceded through the town before heading east towards the ocean.

After reaching Union Beach, somewhat broken into smaller groups at that point, they turned to the south to ride the coastline.  They climbed to the top of the Atlantic Highlands before proceeding to the food stop in Ocean Grove. 

They were a bit more split up after the break with some riders on their own.  The route continued to Belmar where they turned inland heading to Jerseyville on quiet roads.  The night remained pleasant with an air temperature about 70 degrees and light wind.

From the penultimate control a mere 30 miles would be required to reach the finish.   All but one rider did so.  The one abandon was due to a painful knee resulting from mis-aligned cleats.  The control volunteer provided transport back to the start. 

Small processions of one to three riders arrived back to the bike shop in full daylight.  All seemed to have enjoyed the night on the road.  After checking in with ride officials many found their way across the street to Teddy's Restaurant for breakfast. 

The crew of volunteers spent a sleepless night along with the riders greeting their arrival at every control.  It is a dedicated group that tends to the participants needs on New Jersey Randonneur events.  Riders, Organizers and the RBA are grateful for the contribution made by these people.

Results can be found here:  SBN Results   

 Joe Kratovil

RBA New Jersey - New York