Cranbury 200k - The Season Begins

Saturday, April 4th will see the 2015 Brevet Season open in New Jersey with the Cranbury 200k.  The ride will start and finish at Knapp's Cyclery in the quiet and quaint downtown area of Cranbury, New Jersey.  We are expecting a good turnout as it has always been a popular choice with area riders. 

Parking is available in the lot behind Knapp's.  Also, the town allows on street parking with no time restriction.  Check-in will be inside the bike shop with the start taking place right out front.  For those coming to us by train, to Princeton Junction, we provide a cue-sheet from train station to the start.  Train Directions

The Route:

The initial stage delivers riders to Keyport, and thereabouts, over the rolling countryside of central Jersey.  Traffic tends to be pretty light in the morning hours.  Like most of our routes, this one uses many of the smaller, meandering country roads.  A control stop at the Burger King in Union Beach is the first stop. 

The second stage is along the ocean for most of its length, with miles shared between Ocean Boulevard and Route 36 before leading riders to the Atlantic Highlands by way of  back-roads and residential neighborhoods. Some amount of crosswind is likely. The longish climb up to the top of the Atlantic Highlands gives one, on a clear day, beautiful views of New York City, Long Island, and Sandy Hook.  There is  an Information Controle at the park atop Mount Mitchill.

After which heading South, with wind and gravity becoming more friendly, riders hit Route 36 in Sea Bright.  From there it starts to feel like a good vacation where we offer fast, easy mileage with some incursions right by the beach for about 10 miles. It’s then time to send greetings from Asbury Park, New Jersey.  The next control at a Subway in Belmar, is right by the beach.

The third stage is  the shortest of the lot, which may be appreciated at this early time of the season when the legs haven’t quite recovered all of their long-distance memory. The stage is rolling, with the potential for some cross or head-wind. This is minimized by frequent direction change to avoid an endless grind into the teeth of a gale.  The control will appear at the Wawa in Jerseyville.

There are many reasons to rejoice on this final stage.  First, after a Wawa the world always looks brighter.  Second, it is, well, the last stage.  Third and not least, it includes a lot of easy mileage where riders will knock down distance without really feeling like it.  It doesn’t hurt that the stage is very rural and pretty. And yes, the route still keeps zig- zagging to the finish in Cranbury.   For more details including a map and cue-sheet go: here

Registered Rider List (43) as of 3/26/15
Dan Aaron, James Adkins, Dija Amer, Sandeep Bansal, David Bosch, George Brandt,  Laurent Chambard, John D'Elia, Joe Dille, Andrew Froberg, Nicholas Gigliotti, Nigel Greene, Hank Greenblatt, Jeffrey Gregg, Judson Hand, Kenneth Herbert, Jerry Hsu, Manual Jimenez, Tim Kirch, Paul Kramer, Gil Lebron, Eui Lee, Jonathan Levitt, Jerome Lissmann, Rudolfo Lopez,  Anthony Mennona, Chris Nadovich, William Olsen, Michael Olszewski, Roberto Oquendo, Kristy Pottol, Franklin Rosado, Bobbie Rothen, Alex Sidd, Ed Stillman, Brian Swick, Lester Swick,  Douglas Tardif-Douglin, AnitaThomas, Bob Torres, John Wheeler, Len Zawodniak, Oliver Zong


 Come Ride with us!

Joe Kratovil

RBA  New Jersey - New York City