Looking ahead to 2016

Life after PBP

We have seen the end to a great Randonneuring season here in the Garden State.  Participation was at an all time high for 2015.  PBP hopefuls came from near and far to earn their qualifying brevets and make the trip to France.  Our region was well represented at the ultimate Grand Randonnee with a high percentage of first timers and veterans successfully finishing.  For some the joy of reaching this lofty goal would soon leave them wondering where to go from here.  What is left to accomplish?

While there will be a few in the "one and done" category the majority seem to be in it for the long haul.  This is such a multi-faceted activity that there is always another worthy challenge available to pursue.  In reviewing the variety of awards available from the ACP and RUSA there are some which require longevity.  An example is the ACP's newly developed R-10,000.  This one is up to a six-year commitment with a variety of requirements including a Super 600 Permanent.  The RUSA Mondial (40,000k) and Galaxy (100,000k) are based purely on kilometer accumulation over one's lifetime.  There are many more awards.  Surely something for every level of participation. The full list of awards which can be earned by any RUSA member is available here.
2016 Brevets

Recently our 2016 Brevet calendar was approved by the ACP and RUSA.  We will once again offer a traditional brevet series and a few other events of interest.  

We will lead with our tried and true season opener, the Cranbury 200k, in late April.  This will be followed in early May by the scenic and challenging  Princeton 300k, which was not run last season.  The very popular flat New Jersey 400k from Hightstown will return later in May, with a 200k from Batsto held the same day.  A new two loop 600k is being developed.  It is scheduled for mid June from the Princeton area.  This will feature some climbing, but will not be daunting.  Just to be different we will host an RUSA Arrow in July.  This is a team event (similar to the fleche).  Put together a team, design a route and get on board with this first time event.  Our season will end in September with the challenging and scenic NYC 200k, back by popular demand.  

More details on our 2016 Brevets can be found on the Events Page.

We look forward to seeing you!

Joe Kratovil

RBA  New Jersey - New York City