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photo by Nigel Greene

A Large Turn-out for the Season Opener Cranbury 200k

A nice size field of forty-nine riders took to the roads from the quaint town of Cranbury on the first New Jersey Brevet of the season, The group enjoyed some cycling friendly roads and light tail winds as they worked their way to the Jersey Shore.  Once alongside the coast the initial friendly winds turned against them continuing to increase throughout the remainder of the day.  The hardy group battled the conditions for many miles with the result of all but one reaching the finish line successfully. 

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that many who toed the starting line had just completed a very hilly 200k in the Eastern Pennsylvania Region the day before.  Despite the tough winter our region has gone through all the  riders seemed well prepared to handle this early season 200- Kilometer. 

Even the many first time brevet riders seemed to understand the hallmark of Randonneuring. Which is to stay on the bike and deal with whatever comes your way. Many had formed into small groups to share the workload on the return.  The forty-eight finishers arrived at Knapp's Cyclery in good spirits. All were treated to some well deserved pizza and refreshments at the cycle shop. 

The participants were nicely supported from start to finish by volunteers; Chris Newman, Kyle Chu, and Steve Hallett.  Responsible for all the event logistics, and management, was organizer Laurent Chambard, who is a former RBA of the region.  

Results for the Cranbury 200k posted here 

Princeton 300k - The Next in Line for the New Jersey Series

With the initial ride now behind us we turn our focus to the Princeton 300k, scheduled for Saturday, May 17th.  This is perhaps one of the most scenic rides on offer in the region.  It is also one of  the most challenging.  There is substantial elevation gain throughout most of the brevet.  Some of the signature extended climbs encountered are Jenny Jump State Forest, near Hope, and Penwell Road, which delivers one to the top of Schooley's Mountain.  There are many other somewhat lesser challenges, but significant in their own right.  Riders need to prepare themselves for some steep climbs throughout the 187 mile route.  Although, there are some milder sections to help with recovery including the predominantly flat first thirty and last thirty miles.

Entrants to the event will be well supported by a crew of experienced volunteers. Opportunity to replenish food and water will be plentiful throughout.  With the highlight being the 140 mile supported control at Hacklebarney State Park. Here riders will be treated to a spread of food while resting on picnic tables set up under canopies.

The Princeton 300k starts and finishes at Princeton Forrestal Village, which is located on US 1 in Plainsboro Township, NJ.  There is a Westin Hotel at the same location for those who may be coming from a distance..  Given the ride starts at 4am we offer the option of a check-in held on Friday evening at the Westin.  A second check-in is also available on Saturday morning beginning at 3am until the start.  Late arriving riders will be allowed to check-in until 5am.  

Proper lighting and reflective gear will be required.  A bike/rider inspection is done at time of check-in to ensure all who start have the appropriate equipment,  The start will be prior to sunrise. and for many riders finishing will be after sunset.

If you are not sure what the requirements are please check RUSA Rules Article #10 here.          

More details for this event are available on the Events page of this site.  Want to sign up now? Click this link: Register

Joe Kratovil

RBA New Jersey - New York