Englewood 300k - Last Chance for hills before PBP!

August 1st, 5am Start from the 4 West Diner,
Englewood, NJ

For the first time since 2010 we bring you the Englewood 300k brevet.   This is the most challenging route offered this year.  All of our other brevets have been quite mild with climbing.  Also, all were contained within the borders of New Jersey.  This time we will venture beyond these boundaries into New York State, where it meets us to the north. 

The rolling hills of Port Jervis will test riders legs for the larger climbs yet to come.  Guymard Turnpike is one easily remembered with it's 1,000 feet of elevation gain.  Although, the view after the climb somewhat makes up for the effort.

Some easier miles are enjoyed from 
Goshen to Cornwall on the Hudson.  However, the section to follow will challenge everyone with some 4,000 feet of elevation gain.  Several good size knee breakers of 600 feet or more show up rather quickly.  After which it's on to some familiar climbing on East Mombasha and Bramertown Roads.  Then, the gradual long climbs of Harriman State Park whose paved roads lead one over the top of Bear Mountain before arriving at the control in Congers.  

The final section features a rather large climb up 9W after which riders enter New Jersey and calmer terrain.  There are a lot of turns
for the final miles to the finish, so the challenge is to stay alert and navigate. 

This ride will be lightly supported with some volunteers in place at select controls, as well as the start and finish.  All controls will have food and beverage available for purchase.  Volunteer manned controls will have water and energy bars supplied. 

Registration for this event is now open on the Active Network - Register

We look forward to seeing you!

Joe Kratovil

RBA  New Jersey - New York City